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A  R   T   I   S  T

Pencil Drawing Rates



frame: $25



frame: $40



frame: $55

Shipping cost determined by region.

$100 for additional animal per drawing.

To place your drawing order, please contact Olivia at: oliviadvorak@yahoo.com

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About Olivia

Art. It captures memories and moments in a way that moves a person's soul. A personality, or the true essence and beauty of a something can be preserved in a frame. Art has the ability to stir up emotion; it makes us ponder, smile, cry or view the world in a different light. I strive to be someone who captures life in a beautiful way through a drawing that will last and be treasured in a family's home for a lifetime.

I'm an avid lover of black coffee, red wine, good conversation and people. I don't think I could come up with a reason to create if it weren't for people, relationships and experiences. I love taking a picture of an animal who was quickly captured on a phone and translate that image into a pencil drawing. We all travel through life together. Art can get us through the rougher patches of life while enabling us hold on to the most important moments.

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