o l i v i a d v o r a k

A  R   T   I   S  T

a n i m a l  p e n c i l  d r a w i n g s

p e o p l e  p e n c i l  d r a w i n g s

Commission options:

For rates and drawing sizes for your personal drawing, please contact Olivia at: oliviadvorak@yahoo.com

a b o u t   o l i v i a 

Art captures memories and moments in a way that can move a person’s soul. When I’m working on a project, my motive is to capture an animal or person in a beautiful way that will last and be treasured in a family's home for a lifetime. I have experienced how art has the ability to stir up emotion, make us ponder, smile, cry and view the world in a different light. The true essence and beauty of someone can be preserved in a frame, and I strive to capture those special qualities in my work.

As an artist, I try to find love and life in little joys that life brings. I'm an avid lover of black coffee, red wine, good conversation and simple things that make the world beautiful.

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